Making our trash visible

Many people think their relationship with waste ends when they throw the trash they create away. As long as they cannot see it they don’t think about the trash twice. But as there is no “away” in our planet, the unmanaged waste, especially the materials that don’t biodegrade, such as plastic, accumulates in the environment, with a big part of them ending up in rivers, seas and oceans.

Willing to raise awareness on the issue, the filmmaker Rob Greenfield started the project “trash me”. For 30 days he’ll live like an average American and will wear every piece of trash he creates (an average of 2kg per day or 60 kg per month).

The idea is to create “shocking visuals of the trash people creates everyday and inspire us all to drastically reduce our trash”.

With our trash in our sights it’ll be hard to have it out of our minds.

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