Hotels for wild bees – ça marche !

About four months after having seen hotels for wild bees pop up at the Cité Universitaire, in Paris, I can say it works.

This Summer I was pleased to see numerous bees buzzing from flower to flower in this amazing green area. You can watch a video here.

bee (1)

I have never seen such amount of those pollinators at Cité U, a place where I have gone frequently for the last five years. There were a lot of bees flying over the tiny flowers of the main grass field, used for playing and picnics. Not only has the bees population increased, but now new pollinator species have appeared.

A beautiful flower garden was grown close to one of the bees’ hotels. I believe that smart decision helped the hotels to fulfil its mission: to stop bees decline.

Bees are the champions of pollination, an essential service for food production and ecosystem maintenance. At least one third of all we eat depend upon pollination provided by bees and other animals. Despite their critical role, bees are disappearing at alarming rates worldwide.

Read more about it on my first article on the subject A hotel for wild bees.

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