This site reflects my daily challenge on trying to live a healthy and sustainable life. It shares news, best practices and solutions on how to build a better future for all species. Veri Green seeks insights on how to keep the positive thinking and act to be the change we want to see.

Let me introduce m20160706iceland-_H5A1923yself. My name is Veridiana Sedeh  (or Veri, if you want). I was born in one of the largest and most chaotic cities of the world – São Paulo. But I had the chance of growing up in a small town nearby in a reminiscent area of the Atlantic Forest, where I developed a strong connection with the nature.

Believing that information is a powerful tool to trigger positive changes, I moved to Sao Paulo to study journalism. I lived there for 10 years, working firstly in the press and afterwards as the director-executive of the Brazilian Association for Investigative Journalism (Abraji), a NGO dedicated to improve the standards of journalism and democracy in Brazil.

In 2012, I followed my heart and moved to Paris where my boyfriend at the time, Fernando (today my husband), was doing his studies. It would be the opportunity for me to live abroad for the first time, learn a new language (I only knew how to say bonjour and merci) and do a master’s. I found a very interesting course in a prestigious school to develop my knowledge in an area that I was passionate about: environmental policy and sustainable development. The Abraji’s board of directors kindly agreed to let me work at a distance, as a consultant from that moment on. I concluded my collaboration with them in August 2016.

After Fernando (who also comes from Sao Paulo) and I finished our studies (by the way, we studied at the same school, Sciences Po), we felt that we still had many things to discover in Paris. More than two years living here seemed not enough for us to live in a city like Paris. Fortunately, Fernando got a job here. He works with digital media and business at Microsoft. Currently, I work for a consulting firm on Corporate Social Responsibility in Rio de Janeiro, Entrenos, as well as a freelancer journalist.

I try to apply what I have been learning on sustainability to my daily life. Reducing our ecological footprints is not an easy task. We need to be mindful of every choice we make. Think twice before doing things in an automatic way.

Fernando has been a great partner on that regard too. He also wants to be a better human being and live in harmony with nature. We share the love for the oceans and both of us highly appreciate being in a natural environment. So we are always looking for doing sport activities in green areas. We try to be close to the sea as much as we can. He also encourages me to cycle (I felt myself insecure riding bicycles in urban areas before) and wake up 6:00 am on weekdays to practice yoga, as well as to do breathing exercises (many times my bed’s magnetism is stronger but I keep trying).

At the moment, we are doing efforts to reduce our consumption of meat and dairy products (which is even more challenging when you live in a country like France, where a piece of cheese can be a master piece). I have to admit that it is much easier than I thought. At least, the meat part. We easily pass weeks without putting any kind of meat in our mouths.

We are trying to eat local and seasonal products, buy the maximum organic food our pockets allow us to and reduce our waste. The next step for me will be to change regular cosmetic and cleaning products for organic ones.

Going green is a daily challenge, which involves changes in all aspects of our lives, since how we eat to the clothes we wear and how we move around. It’s a very new way of living, so there’s much room for creativity, innovation and also traditional knowledge.

There are many people doing interesting stuff worldwide. This site wants to tell those stories and share insights and solutions for living in a sustainable way. Perhaps it can inspire you going green too. I hope so!