Wanna help yourself and the planet? Eat less meat

The three biggest meat companies in the world emit more greenhouse gases than France and its 67 million inhabitants. Yes. Our diets have a huge impact on climate. The good news is: you can easily change this. And it doesn’t necessarily mean going vegan. You don’t need to go that far if you can’t imagine life without meatballs. A plant-based diet once a week is already helpful to avoid dangerous climate change. And you also do your health a favor. … More Wanna help yourself and the planet? Eat less meat

A hotel for wild bees

I was amazed to see shelters for bees to pop up across Paris. This one is at Cité Universitaire, where there are at least four hotels alike. It contains different natural materials, such as wood, clay and bamboo, to host a variety of species. Bees are the champions of pollination, an essential service for food … More A hotel for wild bees